1.Air Jordan 11 Rose Gold

The representative sneakers of the goddess pink rose gold are very beautiful in both the pictures and the upper feet. The shape of aj11low's shoes is a little more delicate. This rose gold is a special women's style. The air cushion will not be reduced like older children's shoes, and the feet feel comfortable.

The version is good-looking, the design is full, the legs are modified, the legs are thin and long, and they look beautiful~ The white gold shoe box is super suitable as a gift for a girlfriend. Trust me, no girl will resist pink and tender. sneakers!

This pair of Air Jordan 11 is mainly made of rose gold and matched with the translucent crystal outsole of the same color. It has a good combination of visual effects. Its vamp is made of delicate patent leather with a metallic texture, and the foot feels softer!

2.Aleall May X AirJordan 6

The dirty pink is unexpectedly gentle, the reflection on the side of the shoe is quite dazzling, she shouldn't miss the long and thin legs. AJ6 is more unique than AJ1, not bad and not easy to hit shoes.

It is sweet and cool, and it satisfies the girl's heart while being handsome. It is worth starting as a joint shoe model~ and the pink and tender color matching is full of girlishness, which fully satisfies the girl's heart of girls. It is a must-have good shoe to please girls~

This pair of Aleall May X AirJordan 6 can be regarded as a surprise. The pure and lovely cherry blossom powder is added with appropriate water red as an embellishment. The high-top design and the classic version of Joe Six will not appear short and thick, which is perfect. The heart of the goddess~

3.Air Force 1 pink quartz

The cherry blossoms are too tender, and the pale pink is not tacky at all. The clever combination of frosted leather and lychee leather makes it an excellent fit. The tongue, heel and insole are all embellished with cherry blossom patterns, which are fresh and sweet, giving girlfriend a face and looking good. Classic shoes are also very easy to wear~

Sakura elements are added to the tongue, heel, and insole, adding a touch of art to the main color of the overall pale pink. It is still Nike's classic Swoosh design with lychee leather, which has a better texture.

This pair of Air Force 1 pink quartz on sale, based on the main tone of pink, adds pink with different brightness as stitching, which is more layered and will not cause aesthetic fatigue~