The AJ1, born in 1985, was originally a pair of basketball shoes. This pair of shoes equipped with Air Sole air cushion in the back palm, the cushioning experience is now a bit brick. And because of the classic style of the first year, the classic design of the flying wing logo at the ankle and the classic design of a variety of colors, AJ1 gradually moved from the field to the field. A wide range of color schemes and various joint names are now also a scene where thousands of people are empty as soon as they are released.

But can AJ1 really not be combated? The Clippers' shoe king Harrell proved this inherent error. Harrell once chose AJ1 lard to cut into pieces in the game. In fact, to be fair, in addition to being easy to fold, cushioning is a bit tasteless nowadays, AJ1 is a pair of basketball shoes!

In the current trend of the return of the retro wave, find the things that used to be, let them have the present and become a better look! Since the cushioning is not enough, how about matching the AJ1 with a full-palm Zoom air cushion?

AJ1 High Zoom R2T

First, let’s talk about its own cushioning configuration. This pair of sneakers has replaced the original Air Sole air cushion on the back palm with a full palm Zoom air cushion. This is the top basketball shoe configuration that KD12 has!

The sneakers use white, gray, sapphire blue and other colors in appearance, which are rich in colors and fresh. The outsole uses a gradient crystal sole, and there is a Zoom logo under the flying wing logo on the ankle, and the AJ1 High Zoom R2T Zoom Air logo on the tongue, and it is covered with translucent TPU.

The sneakers also use a combination of patent leather and soft leather. The overall style and retro feel of the sneakers are full.

These two pairs of shoes really break the inherent impression. Because their technology configuration is really good at playing, but at this level of beauty, are you willing to use it to play?