The Air Jordan 3 in front of me was born in 1987 and is the third genuine sneaker in the Jordan Shoes. This generation is also the first time that the Jordan series has cracked, and it has become one of the classic elements of the Jordan series.

The front of the Air Jordan 3 shoe box has a black bottom and a large, crimson Jumpman Logo, which has a good visual effect.

The side of the shoe box is decorated with classic cracks, which is full of visual effects.

Then unpack the box and remove the moisture-proof paper to get the shoe body.

Air Jordan 3 and 4 have hang tags. The tag is made of translucent material, with the main color of "Nike" orange as the background color, coupled with Nike Swoosh. This time, the re-engraving is closer to the original year, and the toe and heel are eye-catching cracks.

The heel of the shoe is the same Nike Logo as the previous year. Air Jordan3 has been re-enacted several times in the past, and the most recent one was followed by the Jumpman Logo.

The tongue of the shoe is also leather combined with the jumping logo, and there is a conspicuous thread. Anyway, now Nike’s workmanship should not be too hopeful.

The sole is a very retro sole, which is mainly distinguished by 3 colors. Although simple, it is also good-looking. To Summarize the advantages & disadvantages. 
Air Jordan 3 Advantages:

  • 1. The original design is well preserved, so that those of us who are "aged" can revisit it.
  • 2. The insole is thickened, so there will still be a certain degree of comfort after getting on the foot, and there will be no feeling of bricks.
  • 3. The sale volume this time is relatively large, so you can easily purchase it on the official website. Shoes that used to be several thousand can now be purchased at the original price on the official website or slightly lower than the original price in the secondary market, so you can choose.
  • 4. The whole shoe is covered with leather, which has a texture, and the workmanship is also considered to be at the upper level in recent Nike shoes.

Air Jordan 3 Disadvantages:

  • 1. The biggest disadvantage of a fully leather-covered shoe body compared to a cash woven upper is that it is slightly heavier and has average air permeability.
  • 2. The technological content is low. After all, it was designed 30 years ago, and of course it is not comparable to the current one.