Starting with the Air Safari in 1987, Nike has launched a series of sports and leisure style Nike Air shoes, but the air cushions used were originally designed for the performance of running shoes. The air cushion and its continuation used in the Air Max 270 are the first Nike Air shoes with a 100% sports and leisure style-the design is as rigorous as high-performance sports shoes and can meet the needs of all-day wear.

The long-awaited Air Max 270, the newest member of the air cushion family, is coming soon. It not only has the thickest Air Max air cushion heel in Nike’s history, but also has many little-known features. Let me introduce you now.

1. Air Max 270 is Nike's first air cushion unit for daily life

Different from all previous cushioning technologies, which are all built with sports as the core, this time the Air Max 270 is positioned to meet the daily wear of consumers all-weather, and the design pays more attention to the comfort of daily use!

2. The design inspiration comes from the previous Air Max 93 and Air Max 180

3. 270 names come from the old nicknames invented by Nike designers

270 was originally the nickname given to Nike Air Max 93 internally by Nike, because the latter uses a 270-degree exposed Air cushion.

4. Air Max 270 is the thickest Nike Air cushioned heel ever

It is 32 mm high and the thickness is equivalent to the width of three fingers.

5. Larger capacity and higher comfort

Nike Air Max 270 creates a rear shoe air cushion with a large air volume to provide better cushioning and comfort.

So this time it’s WMNS NIKE AIR MAX 270 "MTLC WHITE" that landed on SOAR.

The body of the shoe adopts the tone of all white. As a color for girls, it is very eye-catching in this winter. The details of the shoe body are all with diamond effect to show people, and it looks extremely noble and colorful in a specific angle. . The heel is made with a glittery texture, which must be an inseparable element in the hearts of girls.